Our Team

Luis Fernando María

General Manager

Luis Fernando is a manager and administrator with over 20 years of experience, starting as a consultant for Arthur Andersen in the Business Consulting division and becoming the General Manager of Petrocorp S.A and General Manager of Trasco de Colombia S.A. He has been part of the board of directors of important public and private organizations in Colombia, was Secretary of Competitiveness and Economic Development of Cundinamarca and director of FTI Consulting Colombia.

He has recently been the General Manager of Enaex Sucursal Colombia. Luis Fernando has a degree in Finance and International Relations from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, with postgraduate degrees in Finance and Business Law. He has been part of QualCann since its formation. 

Eduardo Covo Morales

Research & Development Director; Legal Representative

Eduardo has over 27 years of experience as a researcher and educator. He teaches undergraduates and postgraduates in the Health Campus of the University of Cartagena since 1994. He graduated as a Dentist with a specialty in Endodontics from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá and holds a master’s degree in Microbiology which has allowed him to participate in a number of scientific investigations related to basic sciences. He is an active member of diverse academic and scientific associations and has been published in peer-reviewed journals in multiple languages. 

He´s been with QualCann since day one and has participated in its construction by being actively involved in important decisions for the company. 

Ricardo Vivas Reyes

Research and Investigation Methodology Advisor

Ricardo is an experienced researcher and chemist in the areas of chemical composition and pharmaceuticals. He obtained his bachelor and master’s degree from Universidad del Valle in Cali and his Ph.D. from the Vrije Universiteit of Brussels. He is the author or co-author of over 100 publications in international peer-reviewed Journals including multiple book chapters. His fundamental work has been on the development of density functional theory-based descriptors of molecular charge distribution and reactivity (e.g., local hardness, shape function, (nuclear) Fukui functions, spin polarized extensions, linear response function) and on the development and testing related or testing related principles (the Hard and Soft Acids and Basis Concept, the Maximum Hardness Principle). In recent years he has focused on applications in organic and inorganic chemistry, in catalysis, biochemistry, and medicinal chemistry. He has received multiple academic awards such as national chemistry prize and the prize for the life and work of a chemist in Colombia among many others. He is now dedicated to researching practical applications for cannabis extracts and promoting its evidence-based medicinal use and all other potentially unknown uses of cannabis phytochemicals.

Carlos Pastrana

Chief Field Agronomist

Carlos is an Agronomy Engineer graduated from the Universidad de Cordoba in Montería, Colombia with 10+ years of experience focused on vegetable seed physiology, seed genotypes and seed bio-spaces. He is an expert in crop development and genetics, grow operations, breeding best practices and topics related with import and export management. All this experience and training has been achieved in crops located in the Caribbean coast and has brought all that knowledge to our main school farm in El Rosal where he is our Chief Agronomist. 

Meira San Juan Blanco

Pharmaceutical Chemist; Technical Director

Meira is a Pharmaceutical Chemist with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Cartagena. She has a vast experience as an Analyst in drug quality control and pharmaceutical products, validation of analytical methodology, medical laboratory analyst and seed investigator with a specialty in microbiology, sanitary microbiology, and biotechnology. Meira has taught in Biotechnology and Microbiology Laboratories in the University of Cartagena and also has experience in direction of cannabis extraction processes with supercritical fluids, remediation, and product designing. 

Camilo Andrés Sastoque Cañón, Esq.

Compliance Officer

Camilo is a lawyer graduated from the Universidad Libre de Colombia in Bogotá, Colombia. He has worked in the nation´s Senate and in the Cundinamarca Administrative Court and has more than five years of experience in the exercise of commercial, civil, and administrative law. In QualCann, his role as our Compliance Officer obligates him to be updated in each reform that transforms into a national regulation for our business. He shares his knowledge of the day-to-day regulations, vigilant to support our team, for our activity to be compliant with the law. 

Patricia Marín

Administrative and Accountant Coordinator

Patricia is a public accountant from the Universidad Antonio Nariño in Bogotá, Colombia. She has a specialty in International Law from the Universidad de La Sabana in Bogotá. Her 20 years of experience as an accountant in bookkeeping, administrative and financial area has been obtained from 2 companies before enrolling our team. She stands out for her high degree of adaptability in change, leadership, and commitment. In our company, Patricia elaborates and analyzes all the financial information, taxes, and reports to the different government entities, and staff management. 

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