Our Team

Luis Fernando María

General Manager

Luis Fernando is a manager and administrator with over 20 years of experience, starting as a consultant for Arthur Andersen in the Business Consulting division and becoming the General Manager of Petrocorp S.A and General Manager of Trasco de Colombia S.A. He has been part of the board of directors of important public and private organizations in Colombia, was Secretary of Competitiveness and Economic Development of Cundinamarca and director of FTI Consulting Colombia.

He has recently been the General Manager of Enaex Sucursal Colombia. Luis Fernando has a degree in Finance and International Relations from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, with postgraduate degrees in Finance and Business Law. He has been part of QualCann since its formation. 

Eduardo Covo Morales

Research & Development Director; Legal Representative

Eduardo has over 27 years of experience as a researcher and educator. He teaches undergraduates and postgraduates in the Health Campus of the University of Cartagena since 1994. He graduated as a Dentist with a specialty in Endodontics from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá and holds a master’s degree in Microbiology which has allowed him to participate in a number of scientific investigations related to basic sciences. He is an active member of diverse academic and scientific associations and has been published in peer-reviewed journals in multiple languages. 

He´s been with QualCann since day one and has participated in its construction by being actively involved in important decisions for the company. 

Meira San Juan Blanco

Pharmaceutical Chemist; Technical Director

Meira is a Pharmaceutical Chemist with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Cartagena. She has a vast experience as an Analyst in drug quality control and pharmaceutical products, validation of analytical methodology, medical laboratory analyst and seed investigator with a specialty in microbiology, sanitary microbiology, and biotechnology. Meira has taught in Biotechnology and Microbiology Laboratories in the University of Cartagena and also has experience in direction of cannabis extraction processes with supercritical fluids, remediation, and product designing. 

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