To optimize and continuously improve supply-chain solutions for medical cannabis products, through specialization of both talent1 and natural resources2 to obtain the ideal mix of quality3, stability of supply, volume and price4.


  • 01

    Specialization of Talent

    People resources that are trained, capable and continuously improving through our world-class specific job-role onboarding, training and coaching
  • 02

    Specialization of Natural Resources

    Thorough testing of seeds with advanced genetics to obtain optimal yields identified for the area based on all climatic and environmental conditions.
  • 03


    Starts at the source with cultivation processes optimized for the extraction, distillation or other agro-industrial processes demanded by our clients using approved equipment, processes and practices.
  • 04

    Stability of Supply, Volume and Price

    Through our network of school farms in multiple locations throughout Colombia we aim to optimize varieties of plants, yields, and overall costs to achieve stability and scalability.
    A blockchain platform will be leveraged to provide transparency and traceability of our products allowing for their commoditization. This will in turn provide the farmers with stability and sustainability.

By leveraging a robust data collection and analysis process plus artificial intelligence, a continuous improvement process is established throughout all the farms and extraction facilities

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